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The place where you exchange vows needs to be customized according to your taste and beliefs. Some couples choose a mandap in traditional style and some in modern concept. It’s interesting to see how couples and decorators work so closely and come up with innovative ideas to make a wedding stand out. Mandaps have become increasingly artistic when it comes down to the theme and venue-based decorations.

So, today we bring to your notice the most splendid wedding mandap decors with traditional concepts with adding modern twist. The right kind of setup and decor can further add elegance to your beautiful moments and photos.

This Checklist is for All those who loves to add traditional concept with modern touch – “Our Exclusive Range of Traditional Mandap with Modern Dome “

 Maharani Wedding Gazebo Mandap With Dome

You can’t get married in a palace but you can surely have a palatial mandap erected for your wedding. We have collection of royal dome mandap. The dome ceiling has been decorated in a gleeful blend of flowers and that gives the mandap a refreshing look. Moreover, pink and white complement the gold and ochre tones of the mandap structure perfectly. Check the Dome Mandap Setups

Traditional Dome Mandap For Wedding Vidhi UK

Look the Traditional Dome mandap with designer pillars and dome. We add up Lord Shiv and Parvati Statue and pair with elephants statue

Exclusive Maharani Wedding Wooden Mandap

Go for the simply elegant white mandap with designer pillars and highly crafted dome touch up with flawless flowers

Unique Marriage Golden Mandap With Dom

The Extra-Ordinary Dome Mandap with 4 Double Pillars and Pair up fountain chairs with metallic Umbrellas on the sides

Gujarati Wedding Maharani Mandap with Dome

Have Fully Fab Look by adding Matching Entrance Gate with Small Pillars and Statues for wedding walkway area

Wedding Double Pillars Wooden Mandap with Dom

The Extra-Ordinary Dome Mandap with 6 Double Pillars and Pair up with sofa and can be used as stage

 Best Wooden Mandap Design for Hindu Wedding

 Indian Wedding Wooden Mandap with Dom

Get the fairy take look with open concept mandap pair with ceiling attached dome and decorated with flowers

 Tamil Wedding Grand Mandap with Dome

Get this Golden Touch Grand Mandap in Traditional Style and Dome, Pair with other items like chairs frame, matching curtains.

 Stylish Outdoor Wedding Mandap With Dom

Go for an Outdoor Garden Theme Wedding with Roman Mandap paired with dramatic Dome

DST Exports – We are the manufacturer and exporters of Wedding Mandaps. We have wide range of wedding mandaps like – Indian Wedding Golden Carved Mandap, Delizio Mandap, Plazo mandap, Fiber Crystal Mandaps, Mustache Mandaps, Double Pole Mandaps, Triple pole triveni mandaps, Bollywood Mandaps, Elephant Trunk Mandaps, Butterfly mandap, Bottle Pillars mandap etc. These mandaps are made for Indian weddings. We strive to promote Indian culture through our attractive range of wooden carved mandap which can be custom-made to suit the requirements of diverse religions such as Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, etc


We have another option in dome as well with heavy and deep work check below the list that can melt your heart with joy

Our Upcoming Mandaps twin with Dome

Wedding Golden Mandap with Dom

(Create Setup with Special Golden Pillars + Grand Dome + Floral Arrangements + Bridal Chairs + Pinkish Drapes)

Exclusive Maharani Dom Mandap Decoration

(Create Setup with Special Golden Pillars + Grand Dome + Floral Arrangements + Bridal Chairs + Embordered Backdrops + Royal Elephants )

 Exclusive Golden Carved Wedding Mandap with Dom

(Create Setup with Special Golden Pillars + Grand Dome + Floral Arrangements + Bridal Chairs + Embordered Backdrops + Royal Elephants + Walkway Pillars and can make stage as well )

 Trending wedding Mandap with white theme

(Create Setup with Special Diamond Pillars + Grand Silver Dome + Floral Arrangements + Bridal Chairs + White Elegant Backdrops )

Latest Wedding Fiber Dom Mandap Spain

(Create Setup with Special Spiral Pillars + Grand Dome + Floral Arrangements + Bridal Chairs + Drape Backdrops)

Another Unique Design Dome Mandap

Wedding Wooden Maharani Mandap with Dom

 Hindu Wedding Decoration Dome Mandap UK 

 Unique Wedding Wooden Dome Mandap


Special Dome for Stages

If you still not have been able to finalise the perfect Mandap for your dream day, just take a look at this one and you’d definitely fall in love with it.


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